3 Pests to Watch Out for When on a Camping Trip – What to Know


Going on outdoor adventures and indulging yourself in activities is very fun, and these are often the most unforgettable trips. If you are traveling to a warmer country and will be experiencing the wilderness, you’ll need to prepare more than just outdoor equipment. It is often exhilarating to go camping to reconnect with nature and the environment, which is where camping accessories are going to be your best friend.


Camping equipment commonly entails the proper shelter and other safety components. However, one thing that you’ll have to consider is the insects that roam the great wilderness. These small creatures might seem harmless and just merely annoying, but they can sometimes be more than just an irritating experience. Here are three common insects you’ll find while camping and how to protect yourself from them with outdoor equipment. 

  • Mosquitos

The most common pest found in almost all areas of the world can pack a punch way more massive than its size. Mosquito-borne diseases are extremely prevalent and can even be fatal for most people who are not careful. These blood-sucking insects can carry diseases like malaria, yellow fever, and West Nile Virus, and bites can be itchy and painful at times. 

One way that is extremely effective at curbing mosquitos is through using insect repellent, which is the most common product anyone should have in their camping equipment checklist. These bug sprays or lotions can be easily applied to the skin and help keep the bloodthirsty bugs at bay. Additionally, wearing dark clothing attracts these pests, which means that wearing light tones and loose clothing can make it difficult for mosquitos to find blood to suck. 

Another tip to curb the spread of mosquitoes is to remove any standing water near the campsite. Outdoor equipment with dips and curves that can accommodate water from rain should be cleared out and dried to prevent mosquitoes from breeding. 

  • Chiggers

Chiggers are actually mites and not insects. Nonetheless, they cause discomfort through their presence, and camping trips are just not fun when these little buggers are around. They are especially prevalent in the summer, which means that camping during hotter days might make these surfaces in campgrounds. 

The best way to deter these is through insect repellent, which you need to apply to clothes and skin. You should also spray camping accessories, especially those that have fabrics and potential hiding spots. Wearing pants and shoes with a snug fit and compression gear underneath can help prevent chiggers from digging into the gaps of clothes and attaching to the skin beneath. When hiking is involved, sticking to the trail will prevent chiggers in taller vegetation from clinging to clothes and gear, causing nasty bites and irritation. 

  • Ticks

A campsite regular is known as the tick, and these insects are parasites that latch onto the body’s warm spots. They will typically be found in the underarm area, scalps, and even nearby genitals. What’s worse is they carry blood-borne diseases like Lyme Disease, which can lead to health issues and complications.

Using insect repellent can help prevent ticks from latching onto skin and clothing. Additionally, wearing light colors makes spotting ticks easier. Sticking to the trail will prevent hikers from getting ticks that are hiding in tall grass. These parasites are also prevalent in the dirt or logs, so sit on chairs instead of the ground.


Insects are not the best part of the outdoor experience, as these can cause diseases and even stick to camping equipment and wreak havoc at home. Following these tips to prevent getting nasty bites and severe illnesses from insects are important whenever camping trips are in the picture. Be sure that camping accessories are complete and are well thought out for the best experience possible.

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