3 Tools & Techniques to Access Clean Water While Camping


People usually go camping for different reasons. Some go out to study the wildlife, while others go out simply to relax and enjoy Mother Nature. Regardless of your reasons to go camping, one of the biggest annoyances you may run into is the need for clean drinking water. 

While you will be bringing water to your trips, they are often heavy. Plus, if you need to hike to a certain location, you can only bring so much water without breaking your back. As such, you might try to think of ways to create clean water on demand during a camping trip.

If you want to access clean water out of almost any kind of source, here are three tools and techniques for your consideration:

1. Filters

With technology getting better each year, the world of water filters has constantly introduced smaller and compact water filtering devices. For many campers, these filters have been a godsend. They can clean virtually any water, getting rid of the smallest of microorganisms and particles. Unfortunately, even the best filters will not be able to give you 100 percent clean water. For instance, since the sizes of viruses are so small, filters will not be able to wash them away. Plus, the filters also need some routine cleaning, and they may have limited usage.

Filters usually come in various shapes and sizes, from water filter bottles to water filter straws. The product you pick will depend on your need. For instance, if you are hiking and are going to areas with water, a water filter straw may be best for you!

2. Iodine drops

Iodine drops are another way to access clean water from any water source. The iodine itself is used to kill off bacteria and viruses, though it does not taste any good. This means that using it in water will give the water a likely unpleasant taste. However, know that the iodine kills many, but not all, of the most common pathogens present in natural freshwater sources.

For those reasons, if you are using iodine, be sure to pair it with other solutions like filters. This will ensure that water is free from bacteria and viruses while also freeing it from other large particles and even parasites.

3. Boiling or steaming

If you do not plan to travel much during your trip, then boiling and steaming water is one of the best ways to access water. With boiling, it kills even the smallest of microbes, but it does not get rid of the particles. On the other hand, steaming addresses both the particles and the microbes.


If you need a quick solution to clean water, solutions like water filters and iodine are amazing options to have. However, if you want to be a little more thorough, boiling and even collecting steam is a great way to access clean water when you need it. To that end, planning is essential to ensure you always get clean water when you need it. This means figuring out the water sources in your camping area and choosing the right clean water solution to provide your body with the hydration it needs to function normally.

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