4 Essentials to Wear When Fishing on a Boat – Our Guide

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Fishing clothing has existed for decades, but finding the right combination can be tricky. This clothing type tends to be baggy or bulky, though, and it can be challenging to move around in comfortably. Accounting for the broad range of weather conditions across America, shopping for outdoor clothing isn’t as simple as buying the first thing you see.

However, knowing what you need takes the guesswork out of the equation, making it infinitely easier to gear up to go fishing on a boat. Here is a list of essentials that everyone should wear when hitting the water and enjoying a pleasant afternoon of angling:

  • Base Layer Clothing

Base layer clothing consists of your basics, like t-shirts, tank tops, or even long-sleeved shirts. Although it depends on the water, especially if it’s hot and humid, long-sleeved shirts provide the best protection from the sun’s rays. If the weather is too sweltering to cover up, a t-shirt and plenty of sunscreen should do the trick. 

Wearing base layers is crucial when going fishing, as they’ll go under your top layers. Since they’re usually breathable, they wick away any sweat and excess moisture, helping you keep cool and dry regardless of the weather. It’s best to go for base layers made of polyester with some spandex, as they fit better and help you stay dry for longer. 

  • Collared Shirts

While it may come as a surprise that collared shirts are incredibly convenient shirts to wear when going fishing, these shirts provide valuable protection to your neck from the sun at all angles. As they come with buttons, you can easily remove them without upsetting your hat or sunglasses. It also makes it easy to change up layers when the temperature changes drastically. 

  • Jackets

Having a jacket on during warm days will seem strange, but it can actually help keep you comfortable when the wind suddenly picks up. It also protects you from sea sprays or turbulent waves, and you can easily take off the wet layer to dry up faster. Hoodies are also fantastic options since they’re thicker and provide more substantial protection from a surprise rain shower. 

Cold weather calls for fleece jackets, but polyester is a versatile and workable option for cool and warm temperatures. It can also retain warmth when you’re feeling cold while wicking away any excess moisture. Just like with base layers, it’s best to stay away from cotton since it dries slowly. 

  • Quick-Drying Pants or Shorts

Being in a body of water all day means you’ll inevitably get wet, whether it’s from sea spray, rough waves, or even excessive splashing. Waiting for your clothes to dry can be incredibly uncomfortable and inconvenient, so it’s best to opt for quick-drying pants or shorts when going fishing. Pants are ideal since they protect your legs from harsh UV rays, saving you from an unsightly suntan. They also protect you from stray fishhooks that may accidentally hang on to you.

However, some sunny days are simply too warm for pants, making shorts a more comfortable option. It’s always handy to have backup shorts on hand in case your pants get drenched, which you’ll need to hang up and dry. Whatever you do, opt for quick-drying pants or shorts, or polyester drawstring ones. Stay away from denim, which is very slow to try and is often restricting. 


Wearing the right clothes while going fishing is essential for enjoying the activity. Finding the appropriate fishing clothing can be confusing, but by keeping these four essentials in mind, you’ll have your fishing gear ready in no time.

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