4 Practical Tips for Your First African Safari: Our Guide

First African Safari

Going out on your first African safari adventure is unlike any other outdoor experience. You get to be up close and personal with teeming wildlife and have the opportunity to hunt them for sport. You also have the chance to get to know the beautiful people of this country and their love for nature.

However, you do need to stock up on your safari gear essentials to be prepared for anything. But since this is your first trip to Africa, you may not have any idea what to bring. Fortunately for you, we have just the information you need! 

This article will discuss four practical tips you need for your African safari. Take this as a starting point to be a well-seasoned explorer and continue to raise the bar higher as you seek out more outdoor adventures! 

  • Wear comfortable safari clothing

You need to be at your utmost physical best when going on a safari because it can be overwhelming. You often have to travel far and in intensely humid weather just to get from location to location. There are vehicles available for your convenience, but you may have to travel on foot to reach more remote communities. That’s why you need to wear the best form-fitting safari clothing to allow full mobility and flexibility. 

As such, order your clothes online and get to know the best brands. Check out our outdoor clothing section for your safari attire needs. Don’t forget to organize all your clothing into your backpack. You should also consult with your safari guide about the kinds of weather and environmental conditions during your first safari. That way, you can pack accordingly. 

  • Bring a valuable safari companion 

You may have the urge to treat this safari trip as a soul-searching journey that you need to do alone. It may be an ideal way for you to gain experience, but you also have to be reasonable. Remember—you are going to a different country, and you are unsure of what to expect. You need a safari companion with you to at least support you and be prepared for any mishaps. That way, you can enjoy this life-changing journey safely!  

  • Keep your electronics charged 

Some explorers may recommend you to go with the bare minimum when it comes to electronics during your first African safari. However, these gadgets are essential for communication, convenient documenting, and emergency navigation. It’s far better to be safe than sorry by packing electronic devices, like your camera and mobile phone, during your first safari adventure. 

When you get to Africa, one of the most challenging hurdles is with electricity because the electrical output is mainly 220–240 volts. You need to bring an adapter and other electronic accessories. Fortunately, some safari camps and operators are willing to provide you with places and tools for accessible charging. Consult with your safari guide for further details. 

  • Ensure you have access to clean water 

Having access to clean drinking water is necessary, especially since the African sun is often unforgiving with its intense heat. You also need to remember that most safari camps enforce strict guidelines to avoid plastic usage, meaning you may not be able to buy or bring bottled water.  

The best way to ensure you and your safari troop have enough water is by bringing a reusable water bottle with state-of-the-art hand filtration. You can also check out our other water purification equipment to keep yourself hydrated and pumped for your first safari adventure! You are also doing your part to conserve the environment by avoiding plastic bottles—two birds with one stone!  


Going on your first safari to Africa can be fun, but you need to be well-stocked with all your essentials. Fortunately, you now have a better understanding of what you need. Remember all the practical tips, and get ready for your next adventure! 

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