Thinking Sharp: 3 Tips for Choosing the Best Hunting Knife

Hunting knife among the leaves

Although the adage of “it is not the pana, but the Indian” is a line that can be applied to various parts of life and interests, the same can’t be said for hunters exploring the wild.   Originating from the hunter-gatherer dynamics of the past civilizations, the act of hunting is one that relies on […]

The Importance of Having Your Own Water Purifier for Camping

Steripen Adventurer Opti UV Water Purifier

Camping is one of the best recreational activities that anyone can enjoy—it’s good for overall health and it’s also an excellent bonding experience for couples and families. Even if you’re planning for a solo trip, you can guarantee that you’ll get plenty of benefits out of it, and you’ll come back to your old life […]

Tips for Taking Care of Your Sleeping Bag for Your Next Adventure

sleeping bag in tents

If you’re an avid fan of the outdoors and you love scenic landscapes, nature views, and the fresh air, then you may be into camping as well. It’s a must that your travel essentials always include a sturdy tent, a dependable backpack, and a comfortable sleeping bag.  Just like your other camping equipment, your sleeping […]

4 Camping Don’ts You Should Remember for a Better Trip

yellow tent camping

Some people like traveling to the beach to spend the weekend recharging and relaxing. In contrast, others prefer mountains and camp in the wilderness. Camping is one of the most popular outdoor activities that allow you to immerse yourself fully in nature. Being around the trees and the quiet helps you disconnect from the hustle […]

5 Tips to Pick the Right Deer Hunting Clothes for Your First Trip

woman going deer hunting

Many professional hunters out there spend thousands of dollars on hunting clothes. Some look for the perfect camouflage to help them hide from their prey’s sight, while others look for sets that offer versatility, no matter where they plan to hunt.  Beginner hunters need hunting gear just as much as seasoned experts do, but they […]

4 Great Preparation Tips for Hunting in Hot Weather

two men hunting

Americans are generally lucky that most of the climates across the country feature pleasant and tolerable temperatures. Unfortunately, this is not the case if you plan to hunt in areas like Florida, or even internationally, such as in Africa. Hunting in hot weather comes with all its own concerns, but with enough preparation, you could […]

Choosing a Pair of Binoculars? What You Need to Know


Whether you’re on safari or a hunting trip, there’s one thing you’ll surely need: a good pair of binoculars. Animals won’t always cross your path or go close to your safari vehicle as you observe them in their natural habitat. Without binoculars, getting an up-close look at a hippopotamus resting on the riverbed some distance […]

5 Steps to Cleaning Your Binoculars Correctly

binoculars on a white surface

Despite your best efforts to keep your outdoor gear in good condition, dirt, dust, and grime will always find a way in. If you are fond of bird watching or outdoor photography, binoculars can help you find the right target and spot. Keeping your binoculars lenses clean and spotless is vital for high-quality photography or […]

6 Tips for Parents Taking Their Kids Camping for the First Time

camping woman

Are you planning to camp with your kids for the first time? Camping with this generation’s children can be challenging. They just do not have that much experience spending time out in nature. However, you can still make this outdoor experience memorable and fun for everyone if you follow these reminders:  #1 – Remember to […]