Best Practices for Low-Impact Camping

Exploring the great outdoors is an excellent way to escape the city and be one with nature—yet leaving any evidence that you were there can impact our natural environment. To minimize your impact on natural spaces, it’s important to equip yourself with environmentally-friendly camping accessories and practicing less wasteful camping etiquette. Review the following principles […]

3 Mistakes You Do NOT Want to Make During Your Next African Safari

Although it may not necessarily be the newest trip idea in the travel industry, an all-out African Safari still remains one of the top must-experience vacations for many people. With the uninterrupted views of the great African wild—and the priceless opportunity to get close to the animals you’ve only seen in books and movies—it’s clear […]

Safari Adventure: 3 Essentials You Need On Your Trip

Taking an adventure off the beaten path offers an exciting opportunity to escape the fast-paced lifestyle in urban cities and immerse yourself in unadulterated nature. It takes you far from your usual conveniences in the city, but it introduces the raw beauty of the verdant, mountainous landscape you’re about to trek in the upcoming trip. […]

Hunting Trips – What You Need to Bring to Have the Complete Experience

While camping is a more relaxed and laid back recreational activity that entails just taking in what nature has to offer, some people combine it with hunting for an adrenaline rush. You will need a slightly different set of tools, gear, and equipment for your hunting trip should you decide to go camping in the […]