Camping is an amazing experience that is extremely liberating. When shackled to the life of the city and living in a highly urbanized area, you often deal with all the hustle and bustle that places a great amount of stress on daily life.

With all the traffic, the noise pollution, the pollution caused by cars and human activity, camping is something that you should be doing regularly as a reset or purge button. Reconnecting with nature can offer you many mental health benefits, but only if you do so with proper preparation to minimize any adventure-ruining problems.

Planning a camping trip in advance is needed and often requires a lot of logistics and preparation. The more you have everything ready and complete to go on a weekend of camping away from the city, the less you’ll be stressing about things in the event you accidentally leave something behind. Veteran campers know this feeling oh, so well. Before you make any mistakes, here are some tips we have for you if this is your first time hitting the great outdoors!

Do Not Forget Hygiene Products

Remember that a camper’s best friend is wet wipes. Depending on the remoteness of the area, the outdoors may not have a shower or a place to bathe, so wiping yourself up with wet wipes is a good way to keep clean. Additionally, after a “bathroom” break, you’ll appreciate these to clean up afterward. Bring your toothbrush, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, and any other hygiene products you use to keep clean.

A Charging Device For Electronics

Trees and plants do not have power outlets, so be sure that you have either a battery pack or a solar-powered charger to keep your devices plugged in and at the ready. It would suck to be left with a dead phone or camera and not be able to photograph that amazing sunset or sunrise coming over the hills! If you are camping on a predicted rainy day, be sure to invest in waterproof chargers to prevent any mishaps.

Comfortable Sleeping Equipment And A High-Quality Tent

Your camping experience will never match up to the feeling of being in your nice warm bed (unless you go glamping), so be sure to bring items to help you sleep soundly. It would suck to wake up sore because of a bad sleeping posture from the hard ground under you, so invest in a good camping pillow or sleeping bag to add extra padding. Additionally, purchasing a nice tent can make your experience better and even make camping feel more comfortable. A low-quality tent that is hard to set up and can break easily will make you regret going out with one.

Insect Repellant

If you thought your home had a lot of bugs, you will probably be in for a shock when you see how many insects exist in the wilderness. While mosquitos can be a minor issue, other bugs like ticks and spiders can be deadly, so avoid any bites and issues by purchasing a good insect repellant.

A Fully-Equipped First Aid Kit

Safety is paramount when it comes to camping. You’ll likely be away from the nearest clinic or hospital, so be sure that your first aid kit is complete and has everything you may need. From pain killers, prescription meds, bandages, antiseptic and other forms of medicines and aids, these will keep your camping trip safe for you and those around you.

Enough Water, Food And Snacks That Are Energy-Boosters

Camping often drains a lot of energy, so bring a good amount of water on the trip, as well as enough food and snacks to give energy throughout the day. Camping foods are available in many places, and snacks such as sweets and chocolates can give a good boost mid-day. Avoid caffeine asides from the morning to prevent crashing and dehydration.


Camping may seem intimidating to first-timers, but follow these tips and you will be ready to take on the great outdoors. Preparation is the key to a successful trip, so be sure everything is stocked up and ready for your trip away from pollution and noise. Don’t forget to enjoy and take pictures!

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