5 Steps to Cleaning Your Binoculars Correctly
Despite your best efforts to keep your outdoor gear in good condition, dirt, dust, and grime will always find a way in. If you are fond of bird watching or outdoor photography, binoculars can help you find the right target and spot. Keeping your binoculars lenses clean and spotless is vital for high-quality photography or viewing. You have probably seen other people do the breathe-and-rub method to keep their binoculars clean. While a puff of moisture and a quick buff with the corner of your shirt is easy, it won’t do your binoculars any good. In fact, you’ll likely be degrading the lenses! Are you in the market for a new pair of binoculars? Check out our selection. If you want them to last, make sure you maintain them right with our tips:

How to Correctly Clean Your Binoculars

Use a Blower Brush to Get Rid of the Dust

Not everyone knows how to properly clean binoculars, especially the sticky rubber in it. This is the part that acquires more dust, and it is essential to keep it clean. If you have a blower brush at home, that can do the trick. It can get rid of any dust without the need to contact the lenses directly. It is the best tool to use to reach the binoculars' tricky places, such as the eyecups' inside and surroundings. Make this the first step when cleaning your binoculars as dust can produce small scratches when it accumulates over time.  

Use a Microfiber Cloth

If you want to get rid of the fingerprints and any smudges on your binocular lenses, use a microfiber cloth. If you do not have one yet, invest in one or two. Microfiber cloths are reasonably cheap and easy to pack due to their small size. They are also effective in removing any dirt from your lenses.

Use a Lens Cleaning Pen

You can also use a lens cleaning pen when cleaning any spots, dust, and fingerprints from your binocular lenses. It is a safe tool to use that can also effectively do its job. It is the same tool used in cleaning camera lenses, telescopes, eyepieces, and other optical items. Lens cleaning pens are specially designed to do this micro-task that some of them have retractable dust removal brush and others have an additional non-liquid cleaning element.

Use a Lens Cleaning Solution

If you have not cleaned your binocular lenses for some time, expect difficult-to-remove dust and grime on your lenses. If you need reinforcement for cleaning, try using some lens cleaning solution. Choose a multipurpose cleaning solution suitable for cameras, computers, lenses, mobiles, and all LCD screens. 

Use a Damp Cloth for the Body

A soft cloth is enough to clean binoculars, but a damp cloth can give you better results. Simply wipe and remove any dirt and fingerprints around the body of your binoculars and you’re good to go!


Every piece of equipment is an investment. Take good care of your things and maintain them properly to make sure that you make the most out of your purchase. For your binoculars, make sure to avoid the breathe-and-rub method and, instead, follow our recommendations. Doing so will leave you with a quality binocular that is ready for your next outdoor escapade. Safari Supply is your online source for your travel accessories or outdoor equipment needs. We offer a broad selection of premium safari gear to equip you well on your upcoming adventure. We pride ourselves on making your adventure travel more comfortable, safe, and enjoyable. Shop now!