A Checklist of Must-Have Items for Your Safari Expedition
With the great outdoors growing even more beautiful and breathtaking every year, there is no better time to explore a full-scale safari than today. If you have a strong passion for experiencing and exploring Mother Nature and reaping the full benefits of the great outdoors, then you’ve probably already set your plans for an incoming safari trip.  Whether you’re looking to dive deep into the lush rainforests of Asia or the tundras and open ranges of Africa, every chance to pack your bags and go out on a wild excursion is one you can’t overlook. As you go through the trip preparation process and get all the documentation done, book your flights and accommodation, and file your leaves, it’s reasonable to feel a rush of excitement. Amid all the excitement and anticipation, however, there’s one more part of the process that you might be overlooking: The things you need to pack.

A checklist of items to pack for your upcoming exploration

Now that the days to your newfound adventure are getting closer, it’s critical to stop for a bit and put the over-excitement aside to ensure that you have everything for a smooth experience. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered with this checklist on every item you need to pack for your upcoming trip: 

[  ]  Prescription medication

If there’s anything you don’t want to do before going on a safari trip halfway across the globe, it’s getting caught in the middle of nowhere without your needed meds. One of the most prevalent reasons safari expeditions end up getting cut short is that people on the trips have to go home after running out of the medication that they should’ve taken the liberty to prepare beforehand. Thankfully, you can avoid this undesirable issue from happening and affecting your trip by double-checking your meds (and bringing a few extras)! 

[  ] Cameras

With the memories and experiences looking to be encountered during your getaway, now would be a great time to bring out your inner shutterbug.  In places like African Safaris and Asian forests, the opportunities to take stunning shots and encapsulate beautiful moments unseen back home are bound to be endless. However, a smartphone camera may not suffice. By bringing a top-quality camera with you to get amazing, crisp, and crystal-clear shots of your safari trip, you can perfectly immortalize your experience and bring them home with you! 

[  ] Assorted safari gear

Contrary to what many first-timers expect, most parts of a safari expedition don’t come with “rental centers.” This essentially means that if you don’t have the equipment to enjoy your trip, don’t expect anyone else to lend you theirs. If you genuinely desire to make the most out of your upcoming trip, then it’s best to stock up on all the gear and outdoor equipment you’ll need when exploring the most remote parts of the world. Fortunately, you can find the needed gear for a smoother experience by visiting Safari Supply’s online store and placing orders for all the things you’ll need today!  


Going on a safari trip or wildlife excursion in the most remote parts of the world will undoubtedly make for an experience of a lifetime. This, means that you’ll need to prepare with all the right items in your bag. With the checklist shared above, you can ensure that you’ll have all the supplies you need to maximize your experience in no time!  If you’re headed out on an African safari soon, then it’s best to stock up on every piece of outdoor equipment and premium safari gear you’ll need. Check out our online store today and stock up on all your adventure necessities with the biggest supplier of outdoor adventure gear in the US before your next trip!