Unthreading the Science Behind Bug-Repellant Clothing
Many thrill-seekers are looking to take the leap through nature-driven adventures, but camping in the great outdoors can introduce plenty of discomforts along the way.  Bug bites are just some of the pesky nuisances that can take away from the full experience, but the worst part is that the itchy problem can lead to serious consequences like malaria, dengue, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and other complications.  

Shielding Your Skin From Scratchy Bites Using The Right Clothing 

While there’s nothing wrong with embracing the ruggedness of the wilderness, packing insect-repellent clothing do wonders in ensuring your safari trips and tropical vacations are free from the risk of bug bites.  Most of the bug-repellant clothing is tailored to be lightweight, allowing wistful travelers to sport on a gear that can keep your skin clear of potential bites all while keeping you cool with its moisture-wicking properties. There’s no doubt that it’s an essential part of a hiker’s luggage, but what makes it so effective?   

Unweaving the Mystery Behind Bug-Repellant Clothing For A Clearer Hiking Trip 

Bugs like to wiggle its way into every nook and cranny it finds, especially when you’re smack in the middle of a mountain or jungle, where creepy crawlies run rampant. These critters slipping past your sprays and screen doors can be an annoyance, but it was more than just an itchy issue for the U.S. Military, back when soldiers are also mixed in a fight against insect-borne illnesses.  That’s why companies like Insect Shield® and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) created a line of “Buzz Off” clothing, one with long-lasting bug repellants like permethrin weaved into the clothing to create the ultimate protective gear against critters.  The secret behind its buzz-killing properties lies in permethrin, which is a synthetic replica of a naturally-occurring chemical often found in chrysanthemum flowers. The said flowers look stunning on sight, but it’s even better at naturally deterring uninvited pests - from mosquitos, ticks, flies, chiggers, ants, midges, and more.  If you’re looking to let nature do its work and ensure all other insects buzz off from your skin, wearing clothed with permethrin into its mix can effectively knock them down without a cinch.   

How Does Insect-Repellant Clothing Work? 

Most insect-repellent clothing is EPA-registered, and it primarily works the same way as any other repellant sprays or lotions. The only difference is that it sticks on your clothing or equipment, allowing your skin to breathe easily from any chemicals and keeping it safe from bites in bug-infested areas.  

The Bottom Line: Investing in Bug-Repellant Clothing to Gear You Up For a Pest-Free Experience in the Great Outdoors

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