Why E-Collar Training is Better Than a Shock Collar
Dogs are generally known as “man’s best friend.” No matter what size or breed they come in, they’re arguably an incredibly popular choice for a house pet. However, many dogs run into behavioral issues. They can exhibit naughty and even harmful behavior, such as:
  • Chewing on shoes or other items like camping equipment destructively
  • Jumping up on furniture or humans (either from aggression or simply being too excited)
  • Running outside and essentially going missing for long periods
  • Taking food from kitchen counters or tables
  • Unnecessary, loud barking for long periods
Luckily, these behaviors can be handled through proper training. For the longest time, using a shock collar has been one of the most popular training methods. But is it the best option? E-collar is another training method that can trump the shock collar method.  Let’s compare the two.

Shock Collar

Shock collars were designed as tools to help with behavior modification. It was initially used as a tool to train dogs used for hunting. They relied on the philosophy of shock treatment, and as such, would shock dogs with electric current. 


An important point of clarification: the e-collar also uses electricity, hence the name. While the shock collar used a strong electric current that usually caused pain, e-collars are much more subtle. E-collars opt for currents that simply stimulate instead of outright shock.  E-collars use electronic stimulation instead through vibrations. This means that the dog will not feel any pain. Rather, the dog will naturally feel annoyed and, most likely, some discomfort. Given the philosophy of training collars in the first place, this should not come as a surprise. The whole point of the overall design is to apply Pavlov’s theory.  Named after a Russian physiologist, Pavlov’s theory is essentially a learning procedure that pairs stimulus with a conditioned response. In the case of using collars for training, it conditions the dog’s mind to associate negative stimuli with no longer engaging in destructive behavior.

Why E-Collars Are Better

For the most part, the e-collar is essentially an invisible leash. This lets the dog run around at will without any worries about safety. If your dog has rushed outside to bark at the mailman, for example, you can easily call him back inside. Likewise, should the dog run out into a storm without any protective rainwear, you won’t have to rush out after him. During trips to the beach and even activities like camping or hiking, your dog will be able to enjoy more freedom to do more things and explore. This also allows for a vast improvement in communication since the timing will be much more precise. After all, the key is to interrupt the negative behavior while it’s happening. Using the collar’s vibrations won’t have the same strength in effect if you apply it after.


All told, using an electronic remote training collar is definitely the better choice for your dog. And for you! It lessens the stress on both sides, giving you the ability to control your dog while giving him more room to explore and go about freely. If you’re looking for active wear for you and an e-collar for your dog, check out Safari Supply! We offer a broad selection of premium outdoor equipment and adventure and safari gear.