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Browning offers a broad swath of outdoor gear and clothing, especially with the power of both the Browning and Winchester Repeating Arms brands under their stewardship. Browning is the maker of Winchester brand firearms is a twist of history that would certainly make Mr. Browning smile. The future looks bright for the legendary brand. With Browning weapons, outdoor gear and clothing playing a strong role in the firearms market over the years, they now are a dominant player in the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Industry.

Browning is one of those classic, traditional companies with a long, proud history since it started in 1878. John Moses Browning was born in 1855 in Ogden, Utah, and spent a great deal of his growing up years at this father's side in his father’s store and gun repair shop. In 1878, with encouragement of his father, he designed and began production on what he felt was a superior single shot rifle. He was right. And after a production run of about 600 rifles he was sought out by Winchester Repeating Arms and soon his ingenious falling block rifle became the 1885 Winchester. This began a string of legendary products he licensed to Winchester including the Model 1886, Model 1892, 1887 shotgun, Model 94 and Theodore Roosevelt’s favorite, the 1895. There were many, many more of his creations that became Winchesters.