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Mountainsmith was born and bred in Golden, Colorado, by outdoorsmen who needed rugged gear for the backcountry of the Rockies. Check out our selection of backpacks, tents, and more for your next adventure!

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Mountainsmith K-9 Cube Dog Pack

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Mountainsmith was founded in 1979 by legendary outdoorsman, Patrick Smith. Inspiration for the brand came from Smith’s realization of the serious lack of durable gear that could withstand the rigors of backcountry pursuits in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Mountainsmith’s initial product was the world’s first fully rigid backcountry ski sled to haul massive loads of gear through the harsh Colorado wilderness. Soon after the release of this innovation, Smith came up with the iconic lumbar waist pack to effectively carry gear while back country skiing. Mountainsmith now offers a variety of uniquely rugged and highly functional outdoor gear and accessories that are preferred by outdoor enthusiasts from across the globe.