Kuhl Men's Bravado Short-Sleeve Shirt

Color: Sundried Tomato
Size: XL
Sale price$40.00


In Kuhl's search to make the perfect crew (T-shirt) they created the Kuhl Bravado. Cut from Kuhl's luxurious Wildfibre 100 % organic cotton, it is softer and stronger than any we have ever felt. Extraordinary craftmanship details that are unmatched at any price.

Kuhl Men's Bravado Short-Sleeve Shirt Features:

  • Super soft feel, thanks to 100% Wildfibre organic Cotton, plus a crystal polish finish for unmatched luxury
  • Saddle stitch seams don’t add bulk, and don’t chafe
  • Made with durable and quality fabric Kuhl is known for
  • Extraordinary craftsmanship brings a level of luxury not usually found in a crew-neck T-shirt

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