Mystery Ranch Quick Attach Accessory Straps

Color: Foliage
Sale price$25.00


Regardless of your hunt objectives, there's always that awkward piece of gear or an unwieldy skull that begs to be lashed to the outside of your pack. We offer a 2-pack of 24" Quick Attach Accessory Straps that work with our Guide Light MT frame so you can securely snug 'em down. Built with top shelf nylon webbing and reliable auto lock hardware, these Accessory Straps are destined for frequent, heavy-duty use.

Mystery Ranch Quick Attach Accessory Straps Features:

  • Built for any of the S20 Guide Light MT or Pop Up packs that need a little bit more length.
  • 24" accessory straps with quick attach hardware
  • Secure a skull to your pack or to strap on other awkward loads
  • Comes in a 2-pack
  • Nylon web
  • Autolock SJ buckles

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