Outdoor Connection Elastic 9-Cartridge Carrier

Sale price$9.95


Outdoor Connection Elastic 9-Cartridge Carrier allows you to slip this cartridge or shell carrier on the buttstock of your rifle or shotgun and you are good to go. The loops in the carrier are designed to hold your ammunition in an upright position around the buttstock. Its elastic nature means it will slide over any firearm buttstock easily, remain snug, and then conform back to shape when not in use. The elastic material also allows excellent stretch for large and small cartridges or shells. Durable backing and adds strength to the stitching for long-lasting durability.
Outdoor Connection Elastic 9-Cartridge Carrier Features:
  • Holds nine cartridges securely and quietly
  • Made of proprietary heavy-duty elastic that resists slipping
  • Snug, secure fit on virtually any buttstock
  • Fits a variety of calibers
  • Easy on, easy off if for some reason you think you’ll never need extra ammo

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