Swarovski Optik EL 8.5x42 Binocular W B

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Birders and nature lovers trust the EL Family of binoculars to share with them special moments in every exciting detail. For instance, have you ever watched a Wandering Albatross, an exceptionally gifted glider among water birds, letting itself be skillfully carried up high by the updraft? This is a moment that displays nature as majestic and commanding in its own absolute perfection.

Anyone who picks up a pair of EL Family binoculars can sense immediately that SWAROVSKI OPTIK has been inspired by such sights. With these binoculars, future-oriented technologies meetmaster craftsmanship. The result is an almost magical interaction between optics, ergonomics, and functionality, rolled into a masterly crafted design that stands out with its subtle elegance.

EL 42 binoculars combine size, weight, and optical performance to give the perfect product. They are multipurpose and reliable, suitable for use both during the day and at twilight. Nature lovers appreciate the unique close-up setting of 3.3 m and the rapid, precise focusing mechanism.

Swarovski Optik EL 8.5x42 Binocular WB Features:

  • The EL’s legendary wrap-around grip promises exceptional comfort.
  • SWAROVISION technology brings you crystal-clear images with remarkable color fidelity that stay razor-sharp right to the edges.
  • The focusing wheel, which is both non-slip and solid, is the ultimate in user-friendliness. Its excellent precision engineering ensures that it operates particularly reliably and accurately.
  • With its flexible strap connector and integrated objective lens covers, the FieldPro package makes your EL even easier to use.
  • Field flattener lenses deliver an almost flat, completely distortion-free image – right up to the edges.
  • Pin-sharp contours, high-contrast, and true-to-life images, allow you to make out every detail.
  • Innovative lens coatings provide excellent color rendering with high light transmission.
  • 8.5xMagnification
  • 42 mmEffective objective lens diameter
  • 7.6 °Field of view degrees
  • 90 %Light transmission


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