The Outdoor Connection Super Grip Sling

Color: Black
Sale price$31.95


If you're tired of gun slings that constantly slip off your shoulder while your walking, The Outdoor Connection Super Grip sling is for you. The black, rubberized shoulder pad conforms to the shape of your shoulder and features a non-slip surface that positions the sling pad securely on top of your shoulder and keeps it there. A built in thumb loop creates a natural resting position for your hand and provides added control of your firearm. The one hand length adjustment design allows for quick changes in the field. Lengthen or shorten the sling and then push the strap forward to lock it in place. The Brute swivels attach easily to standard swivel bases and are easy attached or removed by finger with a few turns to the knurled screw head.

The Outdoor Connection Super Grip Sling Features:

  • Installs easily onto existing swivel bases
  • Fits standard swivel bases
  • Includes TALON Quick-Release detachable swivels
  • Rapid one-hand adjustment
  • Not affected by inclement weather
  • Locks into position for extra stability
  • Rubber shape conforming & resilient non-slip pad molds to the shape of your shoulder
  • Mil-Spec type webbing
  • Integral thumb-loop for comfort and control when carrying firearm
  • All steel
  • One-piece body
  • No stamped parts, no wire and no plastic
  • Silent in the field
  • Outdoor Connection Slings are Guaranteed for Life

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