Ultimate Survival Technologies Survival Reflect Bag

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Ultimate Survival Technologies Survival Reflect Bag is an essential survival tool with a variety of applications. Designed like a standard poncho with good to cover the head/face and sleeves to allow for mobility while giving protection from the elements. The survival poncho is waterproof and wind resistant so it is ideal for throwing on during harsh weather conditions. Put on the survival poncho to allow for continued mobility and safety through tough situations. The poncho material will use your own body heat to keep you warm in cold temperatures, but is also thin and light enough that it can be used to protect from powerful sun rays in intense heat. The reflective surface provides maximum visibility, great for groups trying to stay together when harsh wind and rain can lower visibility. The large surface area makes the Survival Poncho fit most body type but also allows it to function as an effective emergency signal.

Ultimate Survival Technologies Survival Reflect Bag Features:

  • Ideal for survival kits; vehicle emergency kits, backpackers, hunters, anyone who ventures off the beaten path
  • Lightweight, reflective material reflects and preserves your own body heat
  • Can also be used for emergency water collection
  • Measures (flat): 84” x 36” (213 x 91cm)
  • Weighs only 6.8 oz.

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