Minus 33 Men’s Chocorua Base Layer Midweight Crew


Minus33 specializes in merino wool clothing for outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen because it is one of the most comfortable natural insulators available. Merino wool comes from merino sheep which have adapted over time to survive extreme environments from freezing mountains to hot plains so you can count on their wool to keep you comfortable in climate extremes. Their wool is known for its soft, comfortable feel, (not itchy like traditional wool) plus it naturally regulates moisture on your skin by absorbing it and allowing it to evaporate into the atmosphere. The softness of wool, Minus33 will tell you, is determined by the diameter of the fiber; the lower the diameter, the softer the wool. For their Minus 33 Men’s Chocorua Midweight Crew, they use 18.5-micron fibers, which rates it as super-fine, which to you means soft and comfortable.



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