Mountainsmith Slingback Chair


Based in Golden, Colorado, Mountainsmith has been producing innovative backcountry gear for 40 years, gear designed from experience to withstand the rigors of the Rocky Mountain adventures. The Mountainsmith Slingback Chair is an improved and updated version of Mountainsmith founder Patrick Smith’s original 1980s design. At less than five ounces, it’s barely noticeable in your pack but worth far more than its weight in relaxing comfort when set up at the campfire. Before you go, be sure to tell your travel partners so they can pack their own because they aren’t likely to be forgiving if you’re kicking back in a Slingback Chair while they’re sitting on logs or rocks. When we say lounge around the campfire, we mean really lounge with this ultralight minimalist-designed backcountry chair. Sets up quickly and easily, using your two trekking poles (not included) and your body weight for support. It’s like having a recliner to relax in after a long day’s trek in the backcountry.

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