Tips for Taking Care of Your Sleeping Bag for Your Next Adventure
If you’re an avid fan of the outdoors and you love scenic landscapes, nature views, and the fresh air, then you may be into camping as well. It’s a must that your travel essentials always include a sturdy tent, a dependable backpack, and a comfortable sleeping bag.  Just like your other camping equipment, your sleeping bag requires the right treatment, so you can extend its lifespan and keep its value from deteriorating over time. It would help to keep it secure by learning how to care for a sleeping bag during a camping trip or whenever you’re not using it. Keep reading below to learn our tips for sleeping bag maintenance.  

How to Maintain the Quality of Your Sleeping Bag 

When you set up camp, pitch a tent, and lay out your sleeping bag, it’s crucial for sleeping bag maintenance to remove the clothes you’ve been wearing the whole day and put on a set of clean sleeping clothes. Your sleeping bag must stay clean to prevent yourself from getting sick because of any microorganisms you came in contact with during the day.  If you want to keep a sleeping bag’s fillings in good condition, it would be best to remove your gear from its case the moment you find a place to camp. For those who require more warmth, you can choose to add soft cotton or polyester for its inner linings, so your sleeping bag stays clean and protects you from the cold all night.    When you decide to spend a couple of days out in the woods, your sleeping bag should be hung under the sun for several minutes every day. Once you see a pesky stain on your outdoor equipment, you can apply a soap paste onto a small brush and rub your sleeping bag with it until it comes off.  During nights that don’t require you to wrap yourself in layers, you can lie on top of your camping foam pad and use your sleeping bag as a makeshift blanket. As soon as you come home from your camping expedition, it’s essential to hang your gear out in the sun for an hour to guarantee it’s entirely dry before you store it away.    

How to Wash Your Sleeping Bag Properly 

A sleeping bag can adapt to different kinds of washing techniques, so depending on your preference, you can choose to wash it by hand or throw it into the washing machine. Before you decide to clean it, you should remember to only wash your safari gear when needed. Before beginning washing, you should check for any signs of damage, so you can repair your bag, patch it up, and close the tears back in place before moving to the next step. When it comes to the right detergent to use, there are soaps designed for sleeping bags, but any mild soap can do the job just fine.   If you prefer to hand-wash your bag, it will help to do it in a bathtub so you can guarantee the whole sleeping bag will be appropriately cleaned out. Machine-washing your bag can also be useful, as long as you use a front-loading machine to avoid damaging your sleeping bag.  


Planning to equip yourself with the proper travel accessories while camping is an essential part of your adventure, so you’re prepared to survive the outdoors. When it comes to sleeping bag maintenance, always remember to care for it properly so you can enjoy what nature has to offer and keep using it for the years to come.   Are you looking for camping accessories in the US to jump-start your forest expedition? Safari Supply is home to a wide array of high-quality adventure and safari gear, including outdoor sleeping bags and equipment for explorers and travelers alike. Check out our website for a complete list of our catalog!