The Importance of Having Your Own Water Purifier for Camping
Camping is one of the best recreational activities that anyone can enjoy—it’s good for overall health and it’s also an excellent bonding experience for couples and families. Even if you’re planning for a solo trip, you can guarantee that you’ll get plenty of benefits out of it, and you’ll come back to your old life feeling renewed and refreshed.  The preparation process for your camping trip is crucial. You need to have the right gear along with other essentials, and one of the most important is a water purifier. This form of water treatment helps you maintain your health outdoors, ensuring that you only consume clean water. Even if not all water sources are unsafe, the most pristine-looking one can make you sick, which is why it’s best to be safe than sorry! 

What Is A Water Purifier?

A water purifier helps fight against viruses, which has an internal cartridge that catches bacteria, debris, and protozoa. Purifiers either use chemicals to kill viruses or rely on ultraviolet light to treat pathogens. Most of them have activated carbon in their elements to remove unpleasant tastes and reduce contaminants, such as pesticides and other industrial chemicals.  Today, water purifiers come in compact sizes, which means you don’t have an excuse not to have one when you go on a camping trip. Additionally, they come at affordable prices to make it easier for people to have safe drinking water while outdoors. 

How To Purify Water?

There are various solutions you can use while camping: 
  • Water bottle filter: This works by removing up to 99.9% of the pathogens in drinking water. However, there are different filter water bottles out there that use various systems, such as activated carbon filters. Choose what works best for you and your budget. 
  • Squeeze water filter: Similar to water bottle filters, this filter needs to fill a small reservoir before squeezing the water through the filtration system. It’s easy to use, and you can replace the cartridge if it is worn out. Some even double as a gravity filter of a straw-style filter. The only downside to this is that its reservoir limits the amount of water. 
  • Straw style water filter: As one of the smallest water disinfecting tools today, this works like regular bottles with a straw. It cleans the water quickly, but this can only be done when you’re at a water source itself. 
These are the types of water purifying solutions you can get in today’s market. Determine exactly what you need to ensure you get the right system for you! 


Remember that the water you drink while out camping is vital. This is because there are limited resources at campsites, which means that you need to have the right gear and tools to keep you safe, and this includes being mindful of what you consume internally.  Although you can find various water sources in the great outdoors, keep in mind that not all of them are clean. Even if they look clean, there’s no harm in cleaning it again through a water purification solution. That way, you get to be extra sure that the water you drink will not cause any digestive issues that can cut your trip short and send you to the emergency room! Are you looking for quality camping equipment for your upcoming trip? Then you have come to the right place! At Safari Supply, we provide water purification solutions from a wide selection of premium adventure and safari gear for explorers. Visit our online shop today and place your orders!