4 Great Preparation Tips for Hunting in Hot Weather
Americans are generally lucky that most of the climates across the country feature pleasant and tolerable temperatures. Unfortunately, this is not the case if you plan to hunt in areas like Florida, or even internationally, such as in Africa. Hunting in hot weather comes with all its own concerns, but with enough preparation, you could make hunting in hot weather a pleasurable experience.  To that end, here are some tips and tricks for prepping for a hot weather hunt:

Keep it light

This means bringing only the essentials, such as light sustenance, water, light safari gear, and so on. However, that does not stop there. It is important to wear the lightest and most breathable clothes possible so that you can better tolerate the heat. Pack long pants and long sleeves if you are particularly susceptible to insect bites.  The right headgear might prove necessary as well. Lightweight hoods and hats might help keep the sun out, protecting you from sunburns. A bandana can also serve as appropriate headgear, and it can be doused in water to increase its cooling effect. 

Bring the right food

Light, high energy food that does not melt or spoil in the heat is the only way to go. That means the majority of energy bars, which are based on chocolate, might not be the right things to bring. They may prove difficult and unappetizing to eat when melted. If you want your food to be even somewhat tantalizing, exclude them from your safari gear.  Nuts, dried fruits, and other heat-resistant snacks are just some of the things you can bring on a hot weather hunt for sustenance. Dehydrated milk mixes might also be a good thing to bring, as they do not spoil, and can be mixed in a water container for easy drinking. 

Bring the right game bags and a cooler

Whether you are hunting for big or small game, it is important to bring the right game bags. They have to be strong, lightweight, and breathable. It can allow better cooling of the game, while keeping insects off the meat. This is especially important if you think you will not be able to refrigerate your meat for a while.  If a cooler is available, get the meat in there as soon as possible so that it can last long enough for you to take it home or prepare it. 

Do not forget the water

A human will die without water within 2–4 days. In hot weather, this will happen much faster as you will be sweating a great deal more than usual. Bring as much water and hydrating fluids as you need, and then a little bit more to be sure. Drink regularly throughout the day to avoid dehydration and heatstroke. Make sure to replace the electrolytes you lose in sweat with a sports drink so that you maintain a good level of energy. 

In conclusion

Hot weather might be uncomfortable, but that doesn’t mean that your hot weather hunt shouldn’t be fun. With the right safari gear and the right preparation, you could expect to have a memorable hunting and safari experience even in warmer temperatures. If you need a supplier of safari gear, send us at Safari Supply a message. We have a great selection of gear for every type of outdoorsman.