5 Tips to Pick the Right Deer Hunting Clothes for Your First Trip
Many professional hunters out there spend thousands of dollars on hunting clothes. Some look for the perfect camouflage to help them hide from their prey’s sight, while others look for sets that offer versatility, no matter where they plan to hunt.  Beginner hunters need hunting gear just as much as seasoned experts do, but they may not know what to look for. What type of clothes do you look for when you’re going deer hunting for the first time? Here are our tips:

1. Opt for waterproof 

No one likes to hunt in damp and cold clothing. Not only can this affect your ability to get the kill, but it can be detrimental to your health. To avoid falling into hypothermia and ensure that your hunting trip is as comfortable as possible, always choose waterproof clothing—jackets, boots, and all. This will ensure moisture from the outside is kept out of your inner clothes, keeping you warm and dry.

2. Avoid wearing cotton

While cotton is the go-to material for comfortable wear in city-settings, it’s not the material of choice for those who will be spending a few days trekking in the wild. Not only is the material heavy, but once wet, it takes forever to dry. To ensure you are always comfortable no matter which terrain you are in, opt for alternative materials like polyester. Not only can they stretch, but they are not nearly as susceptible to tearing. Plus, they come in camo designs, meaning that you won’t be as easy for deer to spot. 

3. Think of the weather

Hunting clothes are supposed to keep the wearer comfortable and protect them from external elements. This means wearing a jacket during cold seasons or a light shirt during warmer seasons.  With that in mind, always pick clothing that is appropriate for the weather. If you plan to hunt during the colder seasons, opt for multiple layers and thicker clothing. For warmer seasons, something light will ensure you do not overheat. 

4. Wear enough layers 

When winter arrives, wearing multiple layers is vital. This will ensure that the cold is kept well outside from the hunter's body, and the heat remains inside to keep the hunter warm. To properly wear layers, wear a compression shirt, followed by a sweater, then a waterproof covering such as a jacket. The number of layers will depend on you and the temperatures outside.

5. Pack in an orange outfit 

When rifle season arrives, the last thing you want to occur is to get shot by another hunter by mistake. Unfortunately, this occurs more often than not due to one party wearing something easily mistaken for another creature.  To keep this from happening to you, always pack in something bright such as blazing orange outfits. Rifle season is not the time to blend seamlessly with your surroundings. While it will not do much in terms of camouflage, it will reduce the chances of getting shot.


By following these cloth-picking tips, you will be able to quickly find deer hunting gear that satisfies all your needs. That being said, do not forget to consider other hunting equipment out there, such as knives, ropes, bottles, and the like. All of these play an essential role in your trip's success, and your clothes are just one aspect of it all! Are you looking for hunting accessories and clothing for your upcoming deer hunting trip? Safari Supply offers a broad selection of quality adventure, safari, and outdoor equipment that you can pick from. Check out what we have to offer!