Although it may not necessarily be the newest trip idea in the travel industry, an all-out African Safari still remains one of the top must-experience vacations for many people.

With the uninterrupted views of the great African wild—and the priceless opportunity to get close to the animals you’ve only seen in books and movies—it’s clear that a safari is one thing you should do before you die. Regardless of whether you’re a wildlife fanatic or a home-bound nomad that wants to see the best the world has to offer, then this vacation idea is definitely for you.

Going on Your Dream African Safari Trip

If you’ve spent your whole life dreaming of going on a safari trip, then you’ve probably already dedicated time to planning, saving up, and blocking off dates for the day you get to embark on your dream adventure. After you’ve spent a significant amount of time saving up some cash to have a full safari experience with your family, then you’re probably already rearing to get on that flight to head out.

Before you head out for your wild excursion, however, there’s something we need to address prior to you getting on that plane: the common mistakes you can make during the trip.

Common mistakes you should avoid during your African Safari

Seeing that an African safari is a one-off dream, it’s clear that one should avoid any potential problem that may soil the experience and sidetrack all the fun you expect to have. If you’re set to hop on a safari soon and want to make sure that the whole trip is exactly what you’ve dreamed of, then here are a few mistakes to watch out for and avoid: Mistake #1: Joining overly-large group tours Don’t let the “bargain” price fool you—big group tours for African safaris are definitely not worth scrimping out for because it can ruin the experience. In the same way that life is like a box of chocolates, an overly-large group expedition makes for an experience where you don’t know what you’re getting. On top of a potential mix of rude and annoying fellow passengers—leaving you annoyed throughout the whole trip—bigger tours have less room for flexibility, which will dampen the quality of your experience. There may be a bit of a cost difference, but you should definitely consider going as a small group or even move up to a tailor-made tour with no one else but you and your family! Mistake #2: Chucking too much into the itinerary When it comes to crafting your African safari experience, you can only choose two out of the three:
  1. Lots of fun
  2. A reasonable amount of time
  3. Lots of activities.

Generally speaking, the easiest way to spoil a trip and make it feel more like a sort of “Amazing Race” experience than a dream vacation is to have a full itinerary that will have you rushing around from start to finish. If you’ve got the time, money, and dream list, then it’s recommended that you extend your tour dates to truly get the full African safari experience!

Mistake #3: Not stocking up on the right safari gear and outdoor equipment If you were to take all the unhappiest customers during an African safari and study them one-by-one in further detail, then you’d probably realize that one thing they all have in common is that they didn’t come prepared. Going on an enjoyable African safari is a process that entails heavy preparation. Not only should you have a decent itinerary, but you also need to have the necessary equipment to pull off each of the activities you want to do. By stocking up on the necessary pieces of equipment and safari gear from Safari Supply, however, you can have the most premium adventure experience by having the right hats, vests, kits, water bottles, and other items on you! Conclusion African Safaris are easily distinguished as a dream vacation for many because of all the sights, sounds, experiences, and dreamlike experiences its tours have to offer—but it can prove to be a nightmare if you make a few mistakes. By taking this guide into mind, however, you can keep the quality of your experience intact and make sure that everything goes according to plan! If you’re headed out on an African safari soon, then it’s definitely a good idea to stock up on every piece of outdoor equipment and premium safari gear you’ll need. At Safari Supply, you can find some of the best gear you can equip yourself with. Check out our online store today and stock up on all your adventure necessities with the biggest supplier of outdoor adventure gear in the US before your next trip!