Taking an adventure off the beaten path offers an exciting opportunity to escape the fast-paced lifestyle in urban cities and immerse yourself in unadulterated nature. It takes you far from your usual conveniences in the city, but it introduces the raw beauty of the verdant, mountainous landscape you’re about to trek in the upcoming trip.

While this vacation is meant to unplug you from your daily routine, packing the essentials is crucial if you want to enjoy a safe and smooth-sailing experience in the wilderness. Taking on a Safari is no easy feat, so packing for the trip will differ from any other destination you’ve visited in the past.

With that in mind, the list below explores some of the must-have items you need in your backpack that are easy to overlook:

Must-Have #1: Navigational Tools

It’s easy to lose yourself in the jaw-dropping beauty of the jungle - with its broad horizons, lush greenery, exotic flora, and sightings of wild animals in between. There’s no problem in embracing the unpolluted beauty of your safari adventure, but that doesn’t mean you should get lost in your journey.

Keep in mind that jungle safaris, while enthralling, brings you to remote areas that can be dangerous if you don’t know where you’re traversing. Keeping a map, compass, altimeter watch, personal locator beacon (PLB), and a reliable GPS with you at all times is crucial to keep beginners and veterans alike on the right track.

Must-Have #2: Firestarters

First aid kids and hygiene essentials are usually at the top of your packing list, but have you ever stopped to wonder if you’ll be needing firestarters? Beginners may easily overlook the importance of firestarters, but it can make all the difference between situations where you are in dire need to maintain or start a fire.

It’s an ideal tool that can be a life-saver when it comes to it, so be sure to bring one for emergencies. The best firestarters should be waterproof and withstand wet conditions in jungles for days, such as waterproof matches or floating lighters.

Must-Have #3: Weather Protection

Packing sunscreen sounds obvious, but it’s also an important addition that can mitigate an otherwise uncomfortable journey if ever you need to trek long distances under the sweltering heat.

In addition to sunscreen, you also need to pack sun-protection clothes like pants, long-sleeved shirts, sunglasses, and a full-brimmed hat.

Beyond protection from the sun, you also need to prepare for the rain, so a raincoat that shields you and your items from inclement weather is crucial to a successful jungle safari.

The Bottom Line: Explore the Great Outdoors with Peace of Mind by Gearing Up All Your Essentials

Packing the right tools for your trip can do wonders in ensuring you enjoy your time in the great outdoors.

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