While camping is a more relaxed and laid back recreational activity that entails just taking in what nature has to offer, some people combine it with hunting for an adrenaline rush. You will need a slightly different set of tools, gear, and equipment for your hunting trip should you decide to go camping in the wild as well. Our team at Safari Supply has come up with a master list of some of the things you will need for your hunting-slash-camping trip:

Weapons And Proper Paperwork

You can’t exactly hunt without a weapon, so you will need one to be able to complete the hunting experience. Depending on the game being hunted in the area, different weapons can be utilized to make it easier, and all of this is largely based on preference.

Hunters usually use crossbows or a compound bow to take down smaller animals like rabbits or hogs, but the larger game will require you to use a shotgun with slug rounds or a rifle. Rifles chambered in .22LR are quite popular, as they are effective and have less noise combined with a good sound suppressor.

Make sure that you take the proper course for firearm safety in order to be able to operate these safely. There have been way too many instances of people putting bullets in their legs and misfires while camping, so make sure to practice the four rules of gun safety.

Additionally, most states require a Hunter Education Certificate to bring weapons for hunting to certify that you are knowledgeable about your weapon of choice. This will make it easier to go hunting, as there are fewer things people need to worry about when it comes to safety and hunting know-how.

A Hunting Knife That Is Good Quality

Any seasoned hunter invests in a good-quality hunting knife not only to be able to skin animals and cut them up for roasting, but it can also be a valuable tool that can save your life. This means getting something that is built well and is sharp so that you can get yourself out of sticky situations.

In fact, any camper needs to have an emergency knife as well. Whether it be for chopping branches, cutting up game, or for emergencies, a good hunting knife is essential for any hunter or camper.

First Aid And Survival Kits

Whether you find yourself with a cut from your knife or a buddy of yours gets a bullet in his leg, a proper safety first aid kit is essential for any kind of hunting trip. It should have alcohol swabs, bandages, disinfectants, and antibiotic creams. Bring any prescription meds and painkillers as well just in case.

While you are at it, put together a survival kit that will help you in any case you get stuck in the wilderness. These include things like a heating blanket, waterproof matches and firestarters, a compass, ropes like paracord, water purifying tablets, and emergency instant-food. These can save your life if you ever find yourself lost or separated.

Hunting Apparel

Apparel is key to hunting trips. Not only will regular clothes make you extremely visible to your targets, but they are also not as effective in the outdoors. Ditch your sneakers for a good pair of comfortable hiking boots that are waterproof, a hunting jacket in your selected camouflage, and base layers to keep you warm and dry.

Wet Wipes!

Wet wipes are key in any outdoor situation, and even more so on hunting trips. When you have blood all over your hands from an animal’s carcass, you’ll want to be wiped clean afterward. Additionally, it can assist you in keeping clean after a bathroom break and help you stay fresh throughout the day.


Bringing the right equipment and products on a hunting trip is key to having a good time. Remember that hunting trips are a little more extreme than a regular camping weekend, so be prepared to get your hands dirty. Make sure you have someone who has at least some experience working in the field as a hunter and don’t forget to have fun!

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